WE Tech launches Energy Storage Solution for Stenersen new builds

WE Tech Solutions has received an order for its Energy Storage Solution for a series of two 17500 dwt chemical tankers, with an option for two more. The tankers are built for Bergen-based Norwegian shipowner Rederiet Stenersen AS by the Chinese shipyard Taizhou Kouan Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. Stenersen has also selected WE Tech to deliver the permanent magnet shaft generator solution to these new builds.

Flexible and cost-effective Lithium-ion battery based energy solution

WE Tech’s Energy Storage Solution is a remarkable step forward to save even more fuel. The battery based solution provides an energy reserve that is used for electrical load peak shaving as well as energy for black-out prevention. “We have seen increasing demand for Energy Storage Solutions in the marine industry. Our Lithium-ion battery based solution can easily be added to our other solutions. This makes vessel electric power generation even more efficient and cost-effective”, says Martin Andtfolk, Sales Manager of WE Tech.

“We see great advantages in using WE Tech’s Energy Storage Solution. It can be utilised as a spinning reserve to avoid black-out and to decrease the usage of generators on low load during maneuvering. It can be also used as peak shaving to avoid the unnecessary start of additional generator sets for short increase in loads. This would result in a more optimal running condition for the generator sets remaining online. Both situations create us savings from reduced generator running hours. Consequently, there is a reduction in fuel consumption and harmful emissions”, says John Stenersen, Director Ship Management at Rederiet Stenersen AS.

WE take customers’ energy efficiency to a new level

“At Stenersen, we take pride in being at the forefront of achieving the best energy efficiency in our segment. As far as we are aware, Stenersen is the first company to have installed such equipment on this type of vessels. We believe that energy storage solutions will contribute to a stronger market position of Stenersen through sustainable competitive advantage. This is a catalyst for other companies to commit to ‘greener technology’ for the future”, says John Stenersen. Stenersen appreciates the valuable guidance and support from Enova SF through the Norwegian Energy fund.

“WE Tech’s solutions provide better design flexibility and decrease operational expenditure. With our proven technology and reliable solutions, we take our customers’ vessels to the new level in terms of the best energy efficiency and the lowest fuel consumption. That’s what makes us a leading solution provider and change-maker in the market,” says Martin Andtfolk.

About Rederiet Stenersen

Founded in 1974 in Bergen, Norway, Rederiet Stenersen AS today operates a fleet of 16 chemical/product tankers, ranging from 13,000 to 19,000 dwt. All vessels are deployed in North West European Trade region and equipped with the highest standard solutions to meet customers’ requirements and the harsh Northern European maritime conditions. Read more: www.stenersen.com

About WE Tech Solutions

WE Tech is a leading energy efficiency solution provider with a global presence in the marine industry. The company specialises in supplying solutions based on variable frequency drives and permanent magnet technologies. WE equip ships for success, providing benefits for new builds and existing ship upgrades worldwide. Read more: www.wetech.fi

A 17,500 dwt chemical tanker with WE Tech’s permanent magnet shaft generator and Energy Storage Solutions, owned by Rederiet Stenersen AS of Bergen, Norway (Photo copyright: Rederiet Stenersen AS)

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