WE Tech shares knowledge with the youth from SAMK

In 15th February 2018, WE Tech Solutions welcomed a group of students from the Faculty of Logistics and Maritime Technology of Satakunta University of Applied Sciences for Marine Engineers.

WE Tech Solutions, as a leading energy efficiency solution provider with global presence in the marine industry, not only concentrates on technology innovation and development, but also positively shares social responsibility in all aspects to help maintaining environmental sustainability.

In the meeting with students, Mårten Storbacka, the managing director of WE Tech Solutions, presented how WE Tech’s highly innovative solutions improve and promote the use of energy efficiently and how WE Tech develops itself to a leading energy efficiency solution provider globally. “WE Tech is always willing to share our experiences and knowledge to people who intend to develop their career paths in the marine filed.” Mårten Storbacka said, “WE Tech have also provided many trainee opportunities for marine engineer students and some of them became members of our WE Tech team.”

“Mr. Storbacka gave us an impressive and inspiring presentation about the new innovative solutions for marine electrical systems by WE Tech, especially the potential of the DC Grid, and PM shaft generator combined with a frequency converter.” Sauli Ahvenjärvi, the Principal Lecturer of SAMK, said, “This visit and the information about WE Tech’s products complemented perfectly the studies of Electric Power Technology of the student group.”

The WE-part in WE Tech stems from our will to do things together, with our business partners, our customers and our society. WE Tech solutions is always committed to creating savings for the world by providing energy efficiency solutions and will constantly sharing the social responsibilities.