WE Tech R&D Enhances Its Capabilities on Two Fronts

WE Tech has been developing state-of-art Shaft Generator Solutions and their Dedicated Power Management Systems (DPMS) for years. The functionalities our customers require from the DPMS are getting more and more advanced and WE Tech R&D is leading the trend to ensure the customers get what they want. For this WE Tech R&D is taking two huge steps forward to ensure that WE Tech is capable of developing solutions, sometimes such that no other supplier is even capable of, for its customers far in to the future.

Software based on new modularized software architecture is ready to be deployed to the field, which ensures component level operation supervision & control and enables the developers to build customer-specific projects with constantly maintained standardized software library components. New functionalities are easily added to the components without risking system level operation while algorithm enhancements and state machine tweaks are automatically incorporated to the software under development.

This dramatically shortens the development time of the project software by building collections of stable, well documented, software components for the developers. Additionally, when the capabilities and usability of the components are known throughout the organization every person knows the full capabilities of the systems, and more importantly, can identify new functionalities that will benefit our customers. This way requests for new functionalities and improvements are easily collected from every branch of the organization.

Testing of the individual software components, and their integration as full customer solutions, can be then performed in WE Tech R&D’s new upgraded testing facilities, which give the tester full capabilities to design the system under testing to best emulate the final WE Drive solution on-board the vessel and its surrounding ecosystem. It is possible to emulate practically any kind of solution in small scale in our facilities. Let the WE Drive the customer needs be simple PTO-PTI system or full-blown ship-wide DC distribution network with extensive DC and AC grid power consumers & producers and additional Energy Storages, it can be tested here.

Together with these development steps, WE Tech ensures it has the technological capabilities and flexibility to fulfill the customer requirements far in to the future. Stay tuned to hear more development announcements from WE Tech Solutions in the future.