Stena’s E-Flexer ropaxes: innovations revealed

As Stena Edda, the second next-generation vessel of Stena’s E-Flexer ropaxes was floated at AVIC Weihai Shipyard, the innovations boosting the energy efficiency and flexibility of the E-Flexer concept have been revealed.

(Stena Edda uses an efficient power distribution solution to boost the energy efficiency of the E-Flexer concept. Copyright: AVIC Weihai Shipyard)

WE Tech Solutions provided many of the solutions. The compact and robust modular-designed WE Drive (variable frequency drive) enables efficient, flexible and economical power distribution. The company explained, “In power take out mode, the propulsion machinery operates in combinator/variable speed mode via WE Drive, while the shaft generator provides the vessel’s electric network with considerable electrical power that results in variable speed and optimised efficiency of the main engine.”

(The WE Drive equipped on Stena Edda enables efficient, flexible and economical power distribution.)

The efficient power distribution solution utilises the common DC-link to distribute power in energy efficient and economical ways. WE Tech Solutions added “Large electrical consumers such as thrusters or large compressors can have their dedicated inverter units connected directly to the common DC-link. The solution also enables efficient power distribution and controlled short circuit currents, which allows lighter switchboards in marine installations.”

AVIC International Ship Development (China) Ltd chief executive Hongbing Liao said “AVIC is always willing to co-operate with international companies, such as WE Tech Solutions, to reach a win-win situation. The combination of WE Tech’s reliable solutions and AVIC’s mature shipbuilding technology brings the most energy efficient ships to the sea. We strongly believe that WE Tech’s innovative and proven technology will lead and further develop the shipping industry,”

Stena Edda has a length of 214.50 m with a freight capacity of 3,100 lane m and the space to carry 120 cars and 1,000 passengers and crew. Stena Edda is scheduled to start operating the Liverpool-Belfast line in 2020. Sister vessel Stena Estrid was floated on 16 January 2019.

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