WE Tech to continue the delivery of energy efficient solutions to Stena’s E-Flexers

WE Tech Solutions has received a significant order to continue the delivery of its energy efficient solutions to Stena RoRo’s 7th and 8th E-Flexer ferries. The vessels are to be built for the Swedish shipping company Stena RoRo at AVIC Weihai Shipyard Co., Ltd. in China.

“AVIC is always willing to cooperate with international companies, such as WE Tech Solutions, to reach a win-win situation by the introduction of WE Tech’s reliable solutions into our high-performance and energy efficient ships. We strongly believe that WE Tech’s innovative and proven technology will lead and further develop the shipping industry”, says Mr Hongbing Liao, the CEO of AVIC International Ship Development (China) Ltd.

“WE Tech is very proud to be opted again by Stena RoRo for our proven solution. The continuous cooperation with the shipping pioneer Stena RoRo will set a new standard for the global shipping industry by pursuing the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly solutions”, says Mr Mårten Storbacka, Managing Director of WE Tech Solutions.

“WE Tech’s solution, which is based on frequency drive technology, also known as WE Drive™, allows the Main Engine to run at variable speed while producing electricity onboard. The Power Take Out (PTO) mode, driven by the Main Engine, can produce all the needed electricity onboard without using any fuel to run the auxiliary generators when sailing. Energy efficiency is improved which results in substantially reduced fuel consumption and decreased environmentally harmful emissions”, says Mr Andtfolk, Sales Manager of WE Tech Solutions.

The technologies provided by WE Tech Solutions includes Solution One (Economical Operations) and Solutions Four (Efficient Power Distribution). Economical Operations mode enables the operation of propulsion machinery in combinator mode – variable speed and pitch of the propeller – with the Shaft Generator online and generating power for the ship’s electrical network, thus the propulsion machinery can be operated at optimal duty points at all vessel speeds. Efficient Power Distribution mode utilizes the common DC-link of the WE Drive™ technology for power distribution in bow thrusters, thereby enabling new methods to distribute power in energy efficient and economical ways. The WE Drive™ DC-link in this solution is fed from Shaft Generators or Auxiliary Generators. Power can be distributed to a ship’s electrical network, to thrusters, and to propulsion machinery. Solution Four also enables efficient power distribution and controlled short circuit currents, which allows lighter switchboards in marine installations.

“WE Tech’s reliable technology brings our customers to a higher level, in terms of fuel consumption, energy efficiency and sustainability”, says Mr Mårten Storbacka. The equipment delivery from WE Tech to the vessel is scheduled in November 2019.