WE Tech equips Donsötank’s new builds with integrated solution package

WE Tech Solutions, a leading energy efficiency solution provider, has received an order to supply an integrated package, including Propulsion Drives, Permanent Magnet Shaft Generator, Shore Connection Switchgear, Bow Thruster Motor and DC Link to two new 22000 DWT tankers for chemical and oil products with an option for another two. The tankers are built by Wuhu Shipyard Co. Ltd for the Swedish ship owner Rederi AB Donsötank. WE Tech’s equipment delivery to Wuhu Shipyard will commence in April 2020.

“WE Tech is proud to be a pioneer to supply the most energy efficient solutions. We, as well as our customers, strongly believe that our innovative technology and reliable solutions are the future for the marine industry”, says Peter Lindström, Sales Manager of WE Tech Solutions.

WE Tech’s solution is based on variable frequency drive technology (WE Drive) and the Permanent Magnet Shaft Generator /Motor. The solution allows the main engine to run at variable speed and the propulsion machinery can be operated at optimal duty points at all vessel speeds while the electrical network is generated by the Shaft Generator. Therefore, there is no need to run the auxiliary engines and generators when sailing. This creates tons of fuel savings and reduces operational and maintenance costs. In case the Main Engine is out of operation or requires additional boost in demanding situations, the solution uses the Shaft Generator as motor – a reliable and cost-effective Auxiliary Propulsion Drive to ensure the vessels’ safe return to port.

This solution also brings an efficient method to distribute power to bow thrusters and cargo handling system of the tankers. The method is to connect these large electrical consumers’ inverter units to the common DC link of WE Drive. Furthermore, when the tankers are in the harbour, the solution allows the use of cleaner shore power. Any available voltage and frequency are conditioned by the WE Drive to ensure the tankers’ electrical system is unaffected by various national power grids. Connecting tankers to the port electricity grid also allows the engines to be turned off, which reduce emissions in harbour and create major savings. This versatile and flexible solution will save tons of fuel and reduce emissions both at sea and harbour environment.

“Donsötank is a forerunner with focus on safe transports and emission reduction. Our new vessels are ice strengthened to Ice Class 1A, LNG driven and shore connection for port operations. Thanks to WE Tech’s energy efficient solution package, the new vessels will achieve flexible and stable operation with energy saving and better environmental performance,” says Mr Ingvar Lorensson, the Managing Director of Donsötank.

WE Tech’s innovative technology and reliable solutions onboard Donsötank’s new vessels. (Photo copyright: Rederi AB Donsötank)

“Wuhu Shipyard has a long-standing shipbuilding history dating back 119 years and we always strive for developing our technology to next level. We believe the key to success is in working closely with experienced partners. The unparalleled solutions from WE Tech, as well as their project management capacities and experiences locally in China, is significant and plays a major role in the construction of the energy efficient tankers in Wuhu Shipyard,” says Mr Du Chengchang, the Deputy General Manager of Wuhu Shipyard Co., Ltd.

“Our solutions will ensure the optimised propulsion machinery, electrical power generation and distribution of Donsötank’s new tankers. With our proven technology and reliable solutions, we take our customers’ vessels to the new level in terms of the best energy efficiency and the lowest fuel consumption. That is what makes us a leading solution provider in the global marine industry,” says Mårten Storbacka, the Managing Director of WE Tech Solutions.

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