WE Tech equips UECC’s New LNG PCTCs with a Battery Hybrid Solution

WE Tech Solutions, the leading energy efficiency solution provider, has received an order from Jiangnan Shipyard Group Co. Ltd., China to deliver its Solution Four: Efficient Power Distribution for the two new generation PCTC vessels of United European Car Carriers (UECC). The first vessel is planned for delivery in 2021.

The WE Tech Solution Four includes WE Drive, Direct Drive Permanent Magnet Shaft Generator, DC-link power distribution, Energy Storage System (ESS) and the Energy Management System (EMS). This tailored solution will place UECC’s new vessels beyond IMO’s target for a 40 percent reduction in carbon intensity by 2030. They will also meet the IMO Tier 3 NOx emissions limitations entering into force in the Baltic and North Sea from 2021 keel lays.

(UECC’s New Generation PCTC with Battery Hybrid LNG Solution onboard. Copyright: UECC.)

“WE Tech’s hybrid solution will significantly improve the operational efficiency of the vessels. These vessels will be one of the most energy efficient in the short sea shipping in Europe,” says Martin Andtfolk, Sales Manager of WE Tech Solutions.

In PTO mode the vessel’s electrical power distribution will be supplied from a Permanent Magnet Shaft Generator. Together with the WE Drive the power from the Shaft Generator will keep stable frequency and voltage independent of Main Engine revolutions. Thus, allowing the Propulsion System to always operated in the most efficient way.

The ESS is a remarkable step forward to save even more fuel. It provides both Main Engine and Auxiliary Engines peak shaving, further increasing the energy efficiency of the vessel. The battery-based solution also improves flexibility and reliability via providing an energy reserve for blackout prevention so that the Auxiliary Gensets can be stopped without causing any blackout risk.

“As the operating hours of the Auxiliary Generators are reduced there will be significant savings in service and maintenance costs. During manoeuvring or while in port, our hybrid solution reduces emissions when the vessel can also utilise the power stored in the ESS” says Martin Andtfolk, “We have seen increasing demand for the Energy Storage Solution in the marine industry. All our flexible solutions are compatible with the ESS. This makes vessel electric power generation even more efficient and cost-effective”.

(Direct Drive Permanent Magnet Shaft Generator Solution with ESS. Copyright: WE Tech.)

“We take our customers’ vessels to a new level in terms of the best energy efficiency and the lowest fuel consumption. That’s what makes us a leading solution provider and a disruptor in the market,” Underlines Mr Mårten Storbacka, the Managing Director of WE Tech Solutions.