WE Tech expands its business to South Korea by delivering energy efficient solutions to LPG carriers built by Hyundai Samho

WE Tech Solutions Oy has received an order to deliver its Solution One Economical Operations to a series of two LPG carriers that are to be built at Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries Co., Ltd in South Korea. The equipment delivery from WE Tech will commence in September 2020.

The energy efficient solution package, including the WE Drive™, direct drive dual winding permanent magnet shaft generator, cooling unit and Dedicated Power Management System (DPMS), will decrease fuel consumption, operational costs and improve environmental energy efficient performance of the new vessels.

WE Tech expands its business to South Korea

“With this prestigious order, WE are further expanding our business and I am glad that WE Tech has now reached South Korea! WE will continue serving our customers globally with energy efficient solutions”, says Mr Mårten Storbacka, Managing Director of WE Tech Solutions.

Integrating smart marine energy system

“In Power Take Out (PTO) mode, the electrical power distribution in the new vessels will be supplied from permanent magnet shaft generator alone via the WE Drive™ and thus the auxiliary generators can be stopped”, says Mr Peter Lindström, Sales Manager of WE Tech Solutions, “Thanks to WE Drive™, the propulsion machinery can be operated at optimal duty points at all vessel speeds. Substantial fuel savings and operational cost reduction can be achieved from optimising propulsion machinery and reducing auxiliary generator operation”.

(WE Tech’s Economic Operations Solution for the new LPGCs. Copyright: WE Tech.)

“With the Dedicated Power Management System (DPMS), various operation modes of the ship as well as start/stop sequences can be easily controlled. The DPMS also interfaces with other control systems on board a ship”, says Mr Peter Lindström.

“WE Tech is widely known for integrating smart marine energy system and regarded as the leading solution provider within the industry”, underlines Mr Peter Lindström.

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