WE Tech launches Economical Operations Solution for Bore’s new builds

WE Tech received a new order from Wuhu Shipyard, China to deliver its Solution One Economical Operations, consisting of a WE Drive and a variable speed Shaft Generator to three 7000DWT RoLo vessels. The new builds are the first LNG-fuelled short-sea vessels to be operated by Finland based ship-owner Bore Ltd, which will operate in the Baltic and North Sea with Finnish/Swedish Ice Class 1A classification. The first vessel is scheduled for delivery in mid-2021.

“Our solution will bring significant savings in terms of operation performance and fuel consumption. With reduced fuel consumption also the environmental footprint will be reduced. We are yet again proud to contribute to a greener future.” said Mr Martin Andtfolk, Sales Manager of WE Tech Solutions.

The WE Drive allows the Shaft Generator to be operated at variable speed, this in turn allows the vessels propulsion system to be operated at the most efficient point. In PTO mode, the vessels electrical power distribution will be supplied from the Shaft Generator alone via the WE Drive and the Auxiliary Generators can be stopped, thus saving fuel and reducing harmful emissions. The Bow Thruster motor will be power with a variable frequency drive reducing the ships power consumption even further, which will further reduce the operational costs.

Solution one

(The Economical Operations Solution will bring significant benefits to Bore’s new builds. Copyright: WE Tech)

“Back to 2015, we have already supplied Bore’s vessels with our Economical Operations Solution. We are glad that the shipowner choses our market-proven solution for their new builds again,” said Mr Mårten Storbacka, Managing Director of WE Tech Solutions, “this is also our second order from Wuhu Shipyard. Last year we contracted with them for delivering an integrated solution package to Donsötank’s new builds. We take this repeat order as shipowner and shipyard’s acknowledgement and trust of our reliable and highly environmental-sustainable solution.”

“At Bore, we believe the key to success is to embrace the advanced innovation and to closely collaborate with reliable partners. We have worked successfully on several of our vessels in the fleet with WE Tech team, and we have experienced huge benefits, such as decreasing of operation and service costs as well as increasing of vessel’s energy efficiency and competitiveness. This is why we also awarded WE Tech the contract for our new projects,” says Mr Jörgen Mansnerus, the VP, Marine Management of Bore Ltd.

WE Tech’s solutions are considered in setting new standards for the industry and leading the future of global shipping, providing numerous benefits for new builds and existing ship upgrades worldwide.