WE Tech secures additional orders to South Korea for its energy efficient solutions to four LPG Carriers to be built by Hyundai Mipo Dockyard

WE Tech Solutions Oy will deliver its market leading permanent magnet shaft generator solution that will decrease fuel consumption, cut carbon emissions, and reduce operational costs for the new vessels.

Integrating smart marine energy system

The shaft generator solution comes with frequency drive technology and can produce all required electrical power needed for the vessel over a wide main engine speed range. This gives substantial fuel savings and reduction of maintenance cost by reducing auxiliary generator operation. “Our solution is very compact and fits perfectly to this type of gas carriers. With permanent magnet shaft generator technology, the energy efficiency of the solution reaches unmatched levels in the marine industry,” says Mr Martin Andtfolk, Sales Manager of WE Tech Solutions.

The solution builds on WE Techs system integration platform, used for easy integration with other control systems on board of the vessel, also has an intelligent redundancy feature which minimises the risk for a blackout when the shaft generator is the only power source online for producing electrical power. “This further minimises the need for running auxiliary engines and thus also further cuts carbon emissions” says Mr Martin Andtfolk.