WE Tech Solutions to deliver its WE Drive Solution to the Pohjanmaa-Class Corvettes for the Finnish Defence Forces

WE Tech Solutions Oy in Vaasa, Finland has been awarded with an order for its WE Drives to control the RENK Advanced Electric Drive (AED) onboard the Pohjanmaa-class Corvettes for The Finnish Defence Forces. The WE Drives will be essential for smooth operation in the different operating modes of the Combined Diesel-Electric and Gas (CODELAG) Propulsion system. The WE Drives are supplied to RENK Augsburg, Germany, who is taking care of the overall integration of the electric propulsion and gearbox system.

“This is our first Navy Project and marks an important milestone for WE Tech Solutions”, says Mr. Mårten Storbacka, the CEO of WE Tech Solutions Oy. “We are grateful for the trust the Finnish Defence Forces puts in us and equally proud in taking up the challenge. After years of work, we are now ready to take on navy projects with hybrid propulsion solutions.”, Mr. Storbacka continues.

The multipurpose corvettes will be built at Rauma Marine Constructions’ shipyard in Rauma, Finland. Construction of the vessels will start in 2022 and the Finnish Navy will take them into operational use in 2028.

Pohjanmaa Class Corvettes in the Finnish Archipelago. (Illustration source: The Finnish Defence Forces)