M/T Prospero with WE Tech’s Solution onboard is shortlisted for the Tanker of the Year Award 2021

WE Tech’s solution is both an environmentally friendly and operationally powerful solution. For a forward-thinking shipowner like Donsötank, with an acknowledged commitment to safe, efficient, and low-emission shipping, it is the perfect solution – delivering stable, cost-effective, flexible, and environmentally conscious performance.

Donsötank’s M/T Prospero and her sister vessel M/T Pacifico are a series of two 22,000dwt oil/chemical tankers built by Wuhu Shipyard in China. The vessels feature a dual-fuel LNG driven propulsion system, battery package and shore connection for port operations. WE Tech’s Solution package for both vessels, based on WE Drive™ (variable frequency drive technology) and Permanent Magnet Shaft Generator technology, provides economical operations, Take Me Home mode, Boost mode, Efficient Power Distribution and Energy Storage System (ESS).

(M/T Prospero sailing with WE Tech’s integrated solution onboard. Credit: Donsötank)

In Power Take Out (PTO) mode, there is no need to run auxiliary engines and generators when sailing, reducing fuel costs, emissions and saving on maintenance requirements. Switching to the Power Take In (PTI) Boost Mode allows the vessel to adapt to the most demanding conditions, such as those in ice-covered water, using the shaft generator as a reliable and economical auxiliary propulsion drive.

In addition to offering lower fuel and operational costs while sailing, the solution offers an efficient method to distribute power to bow thrusters and the cargo handling system of the tankers. The WE Drive™ can condition any available voltage and frequency, ensuring the tankers’ electrical system is unaffected by various national power grids. The utilization of cleaner shore power can reduce emissions in harbor and create major savings. The battery package (ESS) which is connected to the common DC-link of the main propulsion drives provides power for peak-shaving and backup functionality.

“Donsötank is a forerunner with focus on safe transports and emission reduction. Thanks to WE Tech’s energy-efficient solution package, the new vessels will achieve flexible and stable operation with energy-saving and better environmental performance,” says Mr Ingvar Lorensson, the Managing Director of Donsötank.