WE Tech Solutions Improves Energy Efficiency of the Global Shipping

WE Tech Solutions, with headquarter in Vaasa, Finland, is a pioneer to provide energy-efficient solutions for the global shipping industry. The international merchant fleet is the company’s customer base.

WE Tech is a growing company aiming for a turnover of EUR 40 million this year. The company applies permanent magnet shaft generator and frequency converter technology to meet the needs of customers.

The shaft generator system generates electricity when ship sails at sea, therefore the auxiliary gen-sets can be switched off. This leads to a huge reduction in fuel consumption.

“We will improve our customers’ competitiveness by reducing one-third of fuel needed for ship’s electrical power generation, which is the major cost of the global merchant fleet,” says Managing Director Mr Mårten Storbacka.

He points out that the emissions in the marine industry must fall by 70% by the year 2050. “By improving the efficiency of our energy production systems, we are helping the global merchant fleet to meet stringent targets. We are an important part of the puzzle.”

WE Tech develops, sells and implements projects in the international market.

“We are constantly recruiting experts in electrical engineering and the international project business, such as Project Managers and Application and Service Engineers.”

(More and more modern LNG tankers feature power distribution systems developed and implemented by WE Tech Solutions. Photo source: Knutsen Group)


WE Tech Solutions Oy

– established in 2010

– 27 employees

– operates in the international merchant fleet market

– turnover EUR 18 million (2020)

(Photo: Mårten Storbacka, Managing Director of WE Tech Solutions)

WE Tech Solutions Oy, led by CEO Mårten Storbacka, innovates and develops electric hybrid solutions that help the international merchant fleet to achieve fuel savings and emissions reduction.