Our logo consists of the word mark “WE Tech” – derived from the company name WE Tech Solutions Oy – and a leaf symbol. The green leaf represents our clean technology and environmental responsibility. Green is also a symbol of efficiency, innovation and hope. Blue symbolises the ocean, the marine industry, and professionalism. Please note that our logo can be used with or without the company slogan.


Our slogan “CREATING SAVINGS” expresses WE Tech’s primary focus – to create savings by providing energy efficiency solutions.

Our Mission

  • WE provide reliable frequency drive technology based solutions
  • WE enhance flexibility in ship operation
  • WE create savings by decreasing operational costs
  • WE increase our customers’ competitiveness
  • WE improve the environment via our energy efficient solutions
  • WE bring the next level of energy efficient shipping
  • WE equip ships for success

Our Vision

  • Zero Emission Shipping


Our Values

  • Work Together – to make decisions together towards excellence
  • Efficiency – to provide the best solution each time
  • Teamwork – to respect and support one another and work as a team with customers
  • Environmental Sustainability – to improve and promote the use of energy-efficient technology
  • Customer Driven – to satisfy the needs of our customers
  • High Innovativeness – to create highly innovative solutions