Technologies used

  • DC-link Switchboards with dedicated Inverter Units
  • Grid converter for AC power distribution where needed
  • Shaft Generators / Motors
  • Rectifier Units for Auxiliary Generators
  • Dedicated Power Management System


  • Energy Storage Solutions
  • Shore Power Solution

Customer Benefits

  • Highest energy efficiency via hybridisation → substantial savings and enhanced competitiveness
  • Lower weight and less space consumed by the electrical system
  • Increased safety and flexibility
  • Preventing blackouts or ship wide power failures

How it Works

DC Electric Propulsion uses all the energy efficient features of a Hybrid Propulsion Machinery plus a ship-wide DC-link power distribution system. With the DC-link distributing electrical power to all consumers, energy efficiency is increased by up to 35%. The Hybrid DC Machinery concept includes variable speed Auxiliary Generators and Permanent Magnet technologies for the rotating machines. With the ship-wide DC-link power distribution fault currents are kept to a minimum thanks to the precise controls of the dedicated inverter units per consumer. The need for large switchboards and bulky transformers are therefore minimised, which means greater savings in space and weight as well as far better total efficiency.