Become EEXI, CII Compliant with WE Tech’s Energy Efficient Hybrid Solutions

In June this year, the IMO’s Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC 78th session) reiterated its commitment on the reduction of GHG emissions from shipping. The challenges of decarbonisation for the shipping industry have continued to increase with focusing on the Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index (EEXI) and Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) – which are to take effect in January 2023. It is crucial for shipowners and operators to immediately prepare their assets for compliance with the support of WE Tech’s energy-efficient hybrid solutions. 

Energy efficiency existing ships index (EEXI)

EEXI is a technical measure setting new minimum requirements for the energy efficiency of existing ships. It is required to be calculated and approved for every ship and indicates the energy efficiency of the ship compared to a baseline. Ships are required to meet a specific EEXI, which is based on a required reduction factor expressed as a percentage relative to the EEDI baseline.

Carbon intensity indicator (CII)

CII rating scheme gives vessels an annual rating on a scale of A to E, with A being the least carbon-intensive. It determines the annual reduction factor needed to ensure continuous improvement of the ship’s operational carbon intensity within a specific rating level. The actual annual operational CII achieved would be required to be documented and verified against the required annual operational CII.

Compliance and competitiveness can be secured with the help of technology

There are a variety of technical and operational measures that the shipowners and operators can adopt to remain environmentally compliant over time, optimise operational efficiency and keep a competitive edge in the market.

WE Tech offers a wide range of comprehensive solutions to satisfy the needs:

  • WE Drive (Variable Frequency Drive)
  • Variable Speed Generator (PTO/PTI/PTH)
  • DC Power Distribution
  • Energy Storage System (Battery Packages)
  • Shore connection system
  • Energy Management System

The rapid changes in environmental regulations and operating costs urge shipowners and operators to implement solutions that will improve the energy efficiency of their vessels through efficient and viable means. For WE Tech it means developing high energy efficient solutions supporting the shipping industry towards a zero-emission future.

(Picture source: Klaveness Combination Carriers)

Read the story about Klaveness’ Energy Efficiency Retrofit and get in touch with our EEXI experts today!

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