Solutions Towards Zero Emission Shipping

Key benefits for marine

Lower capital expenditure

  • Less installed power thanks to increased efficiency and flexibility of the electrical system.
  • Reduced weight of the electrical system.
  • Smaller Main Switch Board footprint and less copper in cabling and bus-bars due to limited fault currents in the DC-link power distribution.
  • Lower THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) in the electrical system thanks to Low Harmonic AFE (Active Front End) drive technology.

Better design flexibility

  • Our smart solutions remove traditional design limitations and ensure that propulsion machinery, cargo handling and electrical power distribution are always operating with maximum efficiency.
  • Power dense permanent magnet technology cuts down machinery size and weight.

Lower operational costs

  • Reduced electric power generation costs as the Shaft Generator is driven by the Main Engine in variable (optimal) speed.
  • Reduced fuel and maintenance costs with stopped Auxiliary Generators.
  • Reduced losses in electrical power distribution.
  • Propulsion machinery and/or electrical power generating machinery are always operating at optimal duty point.

Shore connectivity

  • The WE DriveTM generates at least 50 % cheaper shore power compared to electricity generated on-board the vessel.
  • Vessels are not dependent on various voltages and frequencies of national power grids worldwide.
  • Cost savings and reduced environmental footprint due to stopped Auxiliary Generators at the port.

Improved flexibility and reliability

  • Take Me Home/Take Me Away operating modes.
  • Safe return to port with Auxiliary Propulsion Drive.
  • Boost modes: Low-load optimisation/Ice-boost mode.
  • Black-out prevention with battery packages connected to DC-link power distribution.
  • Dual or quad split of electrical power distribution.

Energy storage solutions

  • Battery packages connected to DC-link power distribution systems.
  • Energy reserve for electrical load peak shaving and black-out prevention.
  • Stable electrical load. When connected to variable speed Auxiliary Generators, battery packs prevent generator load surging during electrical load steps. This way you can generate sets to stay within your optimal operation window.
  • Substantial fuel savings in DP (Dynamic Positioning) operations.

Reduced environmental footprint

  • Lowered fuel consumption.
  • Reduced emissions (CO2 + NOx + SOx + PM) thanks to improved efficiency of propulsion machinery, electrical power generation and distribution.

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Leading Technology solutions

WE Tech’s solutions utilise variable frequency drive technology (WE Drive®), variable speed generator technology, Energy Storage System, and our Dedicated Power Management System.

With our domain expertise, you can get a ship with an energy system built the way it should.

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