WE Tech Solutions was founded in 2010. We bring together experience with innovation, state-of-the-art technologies and first-class services to deliver end-to-end solutions to the shipping industry. WE Tech has delivered its energy efficient hybrid solutions to more than 100 vessels globally.

Management Team

Mårten Storbacka, Managing Director

  • Founded WE Tech in 2010
  • Over 25 years in the international shipping industry


Jan Backman, Sales Director

  • Joined WE Tech in 2020, former chairman of the board for 9 years
  • Over 25 years of management experience

Oliver Käld, CFO


Pasi Juppo, CTO

  • 20 years in Technological and Managerial roles

Stefan Isaksson, COO

  • Over 20 years of working experience in the industry


Tapio Majaniemi, Business Development Director

  • Over 20 years of working experience in the industry


Our Values

  • Work Together – to make decisions together towards excellence
  • Efficiency – to provide the best solution each time
  • Teamwork – to respect and support one another and work as a team with customers
  • Environmental Sustainability – to improve and promote the use of energy-efficient technology
  • Customer Driven – to satisfy the needs of our customers
  • High Innovativeness – to create highly innovative solutions

Our Mission

Create savings and emissions reduction for the shipping industry through technology


Our Vision

Zero Emission Shipping