WE Tech Solutions Oy, with headquarters in Vaasa, Finland, is a leading energy efficiency solutions provider creating significant savings for shipowners and contributing to the shipping industry decarbonisation.

WE Tech Solutions was founded in 2010. We bring together experience with innovation, state-of-the-art technologies and first-class services to deliver end-to-end solutions to the shipping industry. WE Tech has delivered its energy efficient hybrid solutions to more than 100 vessels globally.

Management Team

Mårten Storbacka, Managing Director

  • Founded WE Tech in 2010
  • Over 25 years of management experience in marine industry


Jan Backman, Sales Director

  • Joined WE Tech in 2020, former chairman of the board for 9 years
  • Over 25 years of management experience

Oliver Käld, CFO

  • Joined WE Tech in 2017 as a Business Controller
  • CFO since 2020


Pasi Juppo, CTO

  • Joined WE Tech in 2021
  • 20 years in Technological and Managerial roles

Stefan Isaksson, COO

  • Joined WE Tech in 2019
  • Over 20 years of working experience in the industry


Tapio Majaniemi, Business Development Director

  • Joined WE Tech in 2022
  • Over 20 years of working experience in the industry


Our Values

  • Work Together – to make decisions together towards excellence
  • Efficiency – to provide the best solution each time
  • Teamwork – to respect and support one another and work as a team with customers
  • Environmental Sustainability – to improve and promote the use of energy-efficient technology
  • Customer Driven – to satisfy the needs of our customers
  • High Innovativeness – to create highly innovative solutions

Our Mission

Create savings and emissions reduction for the shipping industry through technology


Our Vision

Zero Emission Shipping