Future-Proof Solutions towards Zero Emission Shipping

Our solutions build on widely proven technologies and are applicable for most ship types and propulsion machinery (e.g. low speed direct driven propeller with 2-stroke Main Engine, or medium speed reduction gear driven propeller with 4-stroke Main Engine). WE Tech’s solutions utilise variable frequency drive technology (WE Drive®), variable speed generator technology, Energy Storage System, and our Dedicated Power Management System.

With our domain expertise, you can get a ship with an energy system built the way it should.

Our Technologies

WE Drive®

Variable frequency drive technology for generator/motor applications is a compact and robust modular design. The WE Drive® is either air or liquid cooled. Power range is from 0.5 MW to 6 MW in low voltage applications.

Variable Speed Generator

The variable speed permanent magnet generator is lightweight, compact-sized with the highest efficiency over the full speed and power range. It is virtually maintenance free. We also offer solutions based on synchronous and asynchronous generator technology.

Energy Management System (EMS)

With the energy management system and dedicated power management system, we control various operation modes of the ship as well as start/stop sequences, etc. The EMS also interfaces with other control systems on board a ship.

Energy Storage Solution

We use the latest lithium-ion technology from battery Energy Storage System (ESS) suppliers. With a DC-DC converter, we integrate the ESS into our solution.

Shore Power Solution

Shore power is conditioned for the vessels’ electrical system via the WE Drive®. Vessels become unaffected by the variations in voltages and frequencies of the national power grids worldwide – shore power is always matching.

Fuel Cell Solution

Fuel Cell Integration via DC/DC conversion to the ship energy efficient power distribution system. Seamless operations utilising Fuel Cells and ESS combinations for zero emission power.


Leading Technology solutions

Our solutions build on widely proven technologies and are applicable for most ship types and propulsion machinery.

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