04 Solution Four

DC-Link Power Distribution

Efficient Power Distribution

Efficient power distribution via the DC-link of WE Drive® to heavy consumers such as bow thrusters, pumps and compressors.

Technologies Used

  • WE Drive®
  • Shaft Generator
  • Energy Management System
  • DC-link Switchboards with dedicated inverter units

Customer Benefits

  • Increased efficiency of the electrical system → less installed power
  • Fault current limitation by WE Drive™ allows smaller footprint of the Main Switchboard and less copper → lower weight of the electrical system
  • Lower Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) → better quality of the electrical system
  • Improved Power Factor → less reactive current flow in the electrical system
  • All above creates substantial capital expenditure savings from reduced size of inverter units and cabling


  • Energy Storage Solutions
  • Shore Power Solution

How it Works

Direct Drive Permanent Magnet Shaft Generator for 2-stroke (slow speed) applications

The permanent magnet rotor is mounted on the intermediate shaft of the propulsion system. Mass and inertia are very low and thus the impact on propulsion system torsional vibration calculations (TVC) remains minimal. No additional bearings are required, thus the propeller shaft system design remains uncompromised. The generator housing, consisting of a compact, feet-mounted stator package, including the rotor and intermediate shaft, is positioned on the generator bed in the propeller shaft line and connected via flanges.

For 4-stroke (medium speed) applications

Solution Four uses the common DC-link of the WE Drive® technology, thereby enabling new methods to distribute power in energy efficient and economical ways. Large electrical consumers such as thruster or large compressors can have their dedicated Inverter Units (INU) connected directly to the common DC-link. The WE Drive® DC-link in this solution is fed from Shaft Generators or Auxiliary Generators. Power can be distributed to a ship’s electrical network, to thrusters, and to propulsion machinery. Solution Four also enables efficient power distribution and controlled short circuit currents, which allows lighter switchboards in marine installations.

Solutions towards Zero Emission Shipping

WE equip your ship for success.

Our solutions build on widely proven technologies and are applicable for most ship types and propulsion machinery (e.g. low speed direct driven propeller with 2-stroke Main Engine, or medium speed reduction gear driven propeller with 4-stroke Main Engine). 

WE Tech solutions utilise variable frequency drive technology (WE Drive®), permanent magnet generator technology, DC-link power distribution and Energy Management System(EMS).

With our domain expertise, you can get a ship with an energy system built the way it should.

Variable frequency drive technology for generator/motor applications is a compact and robust modular design.

The variable speed permanent magnet generator is lightweight, and compact-sized with the highest efficiency over the full speed and power range. It is virtually maintenance-free. We also offer solutions based on synchronous and asynchronous generator technology.

We use the latest lithium-ion technology from the Energy Storage System (ESS) suppliers. With a DC-DC converter, we integrate the ESS into our solution.

With the Energy Management System(EMS), we control various operation modes of the ship as well as start/stop sequences, etc. The EMS also interfaces with other control systems on board a ship.

Shore power is conditioned for the vessels’ electrical system via the WE Drive®. Vessels become unaffected by the variations in voltages and frequencies of the national power grids worldwide – shore power is always matching.

Fuel Cell Integration via DC/DC conversion to the ship energy efficient power distribution system. Seamless operations utilising Fuel Cells and ESS combinations for zero emission power.

Reference cases

Solutions applied on over 150 vessels worldwide

We have been focusing on lowering emissions for years by providing cost-effective and sustainable lifetime solutions to the shipping industry. Our benchmarking solutions have already been applied to more than 150 vessels worldwide.

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