Wallenius opts for WE Tech’s Economic Operations Solution

WE Tech Solutions received an order to deliver its Solution One Economical Operations Solution with Shore Power Connection to two 6500 Pure Car Truck Carriers. The two vessels will be built by the CIMC Raffles Shipyard in China for the Swedish shipping company Wallenius Marine. The equipment delivery to the shipyard will begin in November 2022.

WE Tech’s equipment package for Wallenius Marine’s new builds will feature innovative Permanent Magnet shaft generators with Power Take Out (PTO) mode and Shore Connection. In PTO mode, the electrical power distribution will be supplied from the permanent magnet shaft generator alone via the WE Drive™ and thus the auxiliary generators can be stopped. The propulsion machinery can be run at optimal duty points at all vessel speeds. Substantial fuel savings and operational cost reduction can be achieved from optimising propulsion machinery and reducing auxiliary generator operation.

(WE Tech’s Economical Operations Solution with Shore Connection will bring significant benefits to Wallenius Marine’s new vessels. Photo copyright: WE Tech Solutions)

With the flexible shore connection function, vessels are not dependent on various voltages and frequencies of national power grids worldwide. The WE Drive can generate at least 50% cheaper shore power compared to electricity generated onboard the vessel.

“WE Tech is the pioneer of highly efficient permanent magnet shaft generator solutions. Our very first customer for this type of shaft generator solution was Wallenius Marine. We are very proud to yet again be selected as a partner by Wallenius Marine,” says Mr Martin Andtfolk, Sales Manager of WE Tech Solutions, “we look forward to continuing our long and successful cooperation.”

WE Tech’s solutions are considered in setting new standards for the industry and leading the future of global shipping, providing numerous benefits for new builds and existing ship upgrades worldwide.

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