WE Tech Solutions is honored as a better partner!

WE Tech Solutions has been awarded Kauppalehti’s Achievers (2021-2022). Every year only about 8% of Finnish joint-stock companies won the Achievers.

Behind the Achievers award is the evaluation of the company by an external evaluator. Alma Talent annually analyses the success of Finnish companies using adjusted financial statements. The success classification analyses the company’s financial performance based on several different indicators. The analysis not only identifies the risks but also distinguished the successful companies from others. In each area, the company is compared to companies in its own size category, to all companies in our company database, and to companies in its own industry.

The Achievers award predicts the company’s future success, which is also a positive strong message to the company’s stakeholders.

Know more: https://www.kauppalehti.fi/yritykset/menestyjat

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