WE Tech’s Agency Agreement with Marine System (UK) Ltd has been signed

WE Tech Solutions recently signed an agency agreement with Marine System (UK) Ltd., who will represent WE Tech Solutions in UK and Ireland region.

(In the photo left to right: Keith Tyler/Marine System (UK) Ltd, Jan Backman/WE Tech Solutions, Martin Andtfolk/WE Tech Solutions)

The strategic partnership with Marine System (UK) Ltd will highlight WE Tech’s energy-efficient hybrid solutions in UK and Ireland region. WE Tech’s energy-efficient hybrid solutions enable rapid and efficient reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in the global shipping industry. It is expected to contribute to more efficient compliance with complex environmental requirements in pursuit of sustainability goals.

From 1 January 2023, it will be mandatory for all ships to calculate the EEXI to measure their energy efficiency and to initiate the collection of data for the reporting of their annual operational CII and CII rating. The countdown has begun! Contact us today, we can tailor a solution for your ship to meet all future environmental regulations.