Join Us at Nor-Shipping for an insightful presentation!

Join us at Nor-Shipping for an insightful presentation on “How to Specify Efficient and Adaptable Propulsion Without Extra Cost” by Mikko Mattila.

Date: 8th June 11:00

Location: WE Tech’s Stand Hall D 01-40

As the future likely involves volatility in market demand, it becomes increasingly desirable to have vessels that can adapt efficiently to these changes. In this presentation, we will explore the concept of adaptation through two key levels:

  • Flexibility in Responding to Varying Operation Speeds: Discover how vessels can optimise their performance by adapting to different operating speeds, ensuring maximum efficiency in diverse conditions.
  • Potential to Add New Power Sources: Learn about the exciting possibilities of integrating new power sources into propulsion systems, enabling vessels to stay ahead of the curve in terms of sustainability and energy efficiency.

Mikko Mattila will illustrate these concepts by comparing a conventional RoRo vessel to a RoRo vessel equipped with WE Tech’s Solution Four Efficient Power Distribution.

Moreover, we will delve into the future of propulsion systems, exploring how such systems can be designed to offer options for various powering solutions. This forward-thinking approach ensures that your vessel remains adaptable and future-proof, ready to embrace emerging technologies and market demands.

Join us at WE Tech’s stand Hall D 01-40 at Nor-Shipping to gain valuable insights and discover the potential of efficient and adaptable propulsion systems.

Speaker: Mikko Mattila a highly accomplished Naval Architect with over 20 years of experience in propulsion concepts and design. With a profound understanding of various vessel types, Mikko has dedicated his career to advancing the field of electric propulsion systems and optimising fuel consumption for operational vessels.

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