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WE Tech Solutions in Vaasa manufactures fuel-saving and environmentally friendly shaft generator solutions for ships. One of the company’s newest employees talks about how it felt to switch from a large company to a truly agile workplace.

A huge amount of goods in Finnish homes and workplaces have been imported from across the seas. Even though sea freight logistics produce the lowest emissions in relation to the amount of goods transported, the total amount of emissions caused by sea freight is still significant due to the number of ships.

The technology solutions developed by Vaasa-based WE Tech Solutions significantly reduce shipping emissions by decreasing fuel consumption with WE Drive shaft generator solutions based on permanent magnet technology. Each WE Drive system is always tailored individually to the customer’s needs.

“Our work has a truly significant impact on the environment. Compared to, for example, hybrid vehicles, our solution systems are used in vessels that are more than one hundred times their size,” says Pasi Juppo, Chief Technology Officer at WE Tech Solutions.

A small company makes agile operations and a low hierarchy possible

WE Tech Solutions is a relatively small company whose size adds many positive aspects to the company’s culture. Joakim Gistö, an Application Engineer who has worked at WE Tech Solutions for a few months, and Juppo, who has worked at WE Tech Solutions for a year and a half, say that the company’s hierarchy is genuinely low: “If you need to talk to the Managing Director, you can simply go and speak to him,” says Gistö.

In Juppo’s previous experience, the bureaucracy of larger companies often creates a silo effect, which in turn hinders broader cooperation within a company. He is delighted to have found that WE Tech Solutions can put the technology and product first.

Unlike the engineers of larger companies, Gistö and Juppo often get to admire the results of their work in the real world – even though the majority of WE Tech Solutions’ customers are located abroad, the Wasaline ship operating off the coast of Vaasa also utilises WE Tech Solutions’ technology.

Pioneering work in the future

WE Tech Solutions has been at the forefront of the development of shaft generator solutions based on permanent magnet technology for more than a decade, whereas the industry in general has only recently realised the potential of permanent magnet technology. WE Tech Solutions’ products are designed and largely manufactured in Finland.

In just a few years’ time, a directive will enter into force in European port areas, according to which ships must use electric power in the vicinity of port areas to protect water and air quality. This new directive only marks the beginning of the future rise of WE Tech Solutions.

WE Tech Solutions is constantly looking for design and application engineers, among others. The official working language of WE Tech Solutions is English, and Finnish language skills are not required.

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